Saturday, June 24, 2006

When did we all get old;)

Well now, the last few days leading up to my birthday, I have had a lot of people saying they never realized how old I was. I must say at 35 I'm taking that as a big compliment. I'm also taking the many comments of "You don't look 35" as meaning I look younger;)

Though all might seem different today after staying up half the night with the hubby bringing in the birthday in style. Both of us are more knackered now than when we were younger, but I damn sure know we have more fun now. ;) The hubby will be blushing reading this (when he gets up from his nap and he's 5 years younger than me! Just teasing baby.) As it's my birthday I'm writing whatever I think today. And last night is still on the mind quite a bit, all I can say is thanks baby for a most enjoyable beginning to my birthday. ! ;)

But wow, where did the time go? I look back at my little mental list at where I wanted to be in life and all I can say to everyone is, Throw the damn list out the window! Those lists we all seem to have to make when we are younger are a bit warped to say the least and at best you might get half or maybe more done. If your setting there telling yourself oh I've done most everything on my list... well I have one thing to say to that. How fucking short was your list???!!

My list for forty has been culled down. I think these are the important things to go on it. Eventually find my brain (it left along about the time it took 31 hours to have the minx), umm...job, yeah a job would be nice. Finish school again, I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. ;) Did I mention job? Maybe do some traveling to Italy or Hawaii. Make out with hubby every possible moment, yeah thats a good one. Past that the list isn't half finished, other than there is the normal mom stuff, help the minx grow up happy healthy and ready to kick ass in the world when we let her loose. Yeah there we go I'll add to the long term list, have minx take over the world;)

Hey I don't see it as such a far out thing to have happen. In 21 months she's managed to take over nearly all the space in our house, if she keeps branching out like that till shes 21 years old, well the results could be quite close to taking over the world! ;)

I have come to the conclusion though, I am the older lady next door that we all used to bitch about in University. The one who would come over when we cranked the music up and tell us to keep it down. Now when the neighbor attached to us makes loud noise and yells and screams and cusses at her children...well nicest thing I can say is I would love to throttle her! The fact she wakes my baby up is enough to piss me off and have me want to rip her head off.

Yes, I still have a boiling temper, thing is I now control it and keep it from being shown around minx. Normally I would storm next door and rip her head off, now I send Roger over to tell her off for me. And I got smart this year and asked for a freestanding boxing tube. Great exercise and great rage outlet. I get pissed off now and I go and beat the hell out of the bag in a nice kickboxing session. Hey it works. :)

Maybe I will like 35 after all, I mean I've grown a lot in the last 15 years. Heaven help me I don't want to be 20 again, did that...survived and now I think I'll keep it as an amusing memory to get me through my rocking chair years. ;)

I have tips to help all though: Don't listen to other old people, you'll just get depressed. Don't act your age if you don't want to, screw em wear your mini skirt if it makes you feel better, die your hair green and run around and say wicked. Flash your gf/bf/hubby whenever you can, they'll love it and as long as you don't get arrested there won't be a record of it. Don't pay any attention to the younger crowd and their ability to tell us we are ancient and live in the dark ages; they'll be here soon enough and we'll be laughing our asses off at them. ;)

I have no intention of growing old gracefully, because I don't have any intention of growing old;) I'm going to be my same outrageous, ballsy, mouthy, flirty and yes even shy and coy person until I drop at a hundred or so. I figure that would be just about long enough to drive everyone else mad. ;)

So the question is, when did we all get old? NEVER! We're just slightly more mature versions of the neurotic people that we were! ;)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Piggin Obsessed!

Ok I might have a slight addiction. I like Piggins, ok I really really like Piggins. Roger gave me my first one a long time ago while we were dating. And I was hooked. (Piggins are carved pigs by David Corbridge.) If you want to check out some look on for Piggins.

So low in behold whats the 2nd thing I bid on at Ebay (after a pair of Black wellies with polkadots all over them) you got it...Piggins.

Did I go over board...ummmm...well yeah I did. Boy did I go over board.

First I bought 9, then what did I do stop, no I had to bid on a set of 30. And yes, I did say 30, some I want some I don't so I'll figure out what to do with the rest.

Now thats not the worst part, worst part is when 39 piggins start arriving in the mail. I bet are postman is pissed with us with the amount of things we order online. Maybe thats why he lied and gave us that note saying we weren't home to get our package;)

Ok roger has just reminded me I have my numbers wrong, it was 41 not 39. I forgot about the set of two that I bought. ;)

All right, need to set up sellers account in ebay and get ahold of my addiction. Who knows what else might show up from Ebay, I was having a good look at boots in my size. Roger cringed when he saw me looking at shoes on there. I think I might have worried him a bit! Mind you his reaction wasnt the best when he found out I bought the wellies as my first item;)

Bloody Postman

Every now and again we seem to get this postman from hell. Early in the morning (mind you when we are up and here) he pops a slip through our door. The slip says we aren't in and to come get our package from the post office.

Bloody hell, what does he mean we weren't in, before 8am with a toddler, yeah right we weren't in. I know Roger (bless him) was up at 545am with minx. And I know that I was downstairs by 745am and that the normal post was already in. Then this came through the door. Asshole is all I can put here right now...trying not to even think the other things that popped in my head about him.

And no, it's not the 1st time he has done this. We have worked it out that he does it so maybe, maybe, we might just go to the postoffice and pick it up before he has to deliver it. Lazy sod. Last time he delivered it in his car. Which means he ended up having to or get in trouble with his work. His way of trying to go home early?

Rog has decided that he'll give him till 11:30 am this time to bring the package and then he'll go down to the post office and give them an earful when he picks it up.

I know what the two packages should be so I know they aren't exactly small but I am still inclined to think the moron should deliver it himself like I paid the postage to have him do. It's what I would be expected to do and its what I want to happen.

Then again sometimes, what you want itsn't what you get so maybe we'll just have to settle for bitching about him.

"Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it." -Jane Wagner

Monday, June 12, 2006

Photos of Mia.

Isnt she gorgeous! This is Mia our little minx. She was named Mia for simple reason its the name Roger and I could both agree on. Its meanings are: Hebrew- wished for, Italian- Mine. She was born year of the Monkey with a description of cheeky. What else can you say.

Who said Americans can't drive in England?

Yay, I have passed the first part of my driving test, just working on the driving part now.

Mind you I did manage to drive on the right hand side of the road the other day even though I've lived in england for little over 2 years now and know better. The instructor just calmly said "You're driving American again" and laughed a bit. Thankfully it was a residential area so no one got scared. ;)

He doesnt think I will need to many lessons, just need some to learn to handle roundabouts better and to get out of some very bad drivings habits. Its very common for me to be muttering to myself as I turn a corner "feed the wheel, feed the wheel, dont go hand over hand, feed the wheel." Yes I just might be clinically insane by the time I get done with the lessons. Oh yeah wait, I might be there already;)

Ah well maybe I'll just post a big sign on my car instead of the learner sticker:

Follow at your own risk, tendency to drive like a foreigner! ;);)

Sides we bought these magnetic L plates. Thought it would be easier than taping some inside of the windows. Yep worked great right up till the time I hit 30 and the damn things blew off the car on the way to the store. Rog had to go back and pick them up while Mia and I went around the store shopping. ;)

Ah but the fun part comes up soon to, in all the years I have been driving I have not had to parallel park very often and now I need to do it for the test. That should be fun, I tend to be the one who pulls in with the front of the car, not pull up to car in front and then back into the spot. I'm chicken and really most spots where I lived in the states I never needed to. We just pulled in and backed out at the stores. So there ya go something new (or really something old) for me to learn and get correct.

Did I give birth to a mountain goat?

I swear I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, so exactly when did she turn into a mountain goat?

The amount of times today already that I have retrieved her from behind the tv and from on top of the cedar chest is no longer worth counting.

On the cheeky side and rather funny even if i couldnt show her. Roger left the camera in the living room. Minx climbed on the couch and found it on the table. She was holding it in front of her yelling cheese over and over again. For some reason I think someone really likes to have her photo taken. ;) And that is why I ended up doing a photo session of her to get her to stop following me yelling cheese. She is my little cheeky monkey. Quite appropriate that the year she was born was the year of the monkey and under the description next to the year it just said cheeky. ;)

She has a new trick that goes back to the mountain goat part. Shes found she can pull herself up on my desk chair and try to get to the keyboard from there.

And on that note she has learned at least two more words recently (well shes learned a lot but these are the ones i'll post for now) type and write. She starts to yell type as she is sometimes running off with my wireless keyboard or mouse. She has been able to say mouse for a long time.
A new spod has been born.

She has now cut one of the last two teeth and is working on the last one atm. Hence we have been getting up at 5am again the last few mornings. Who said teething doesnt hurt the parents. Plus the fact that it has now gotten quite hot and shes stripped off today and yells bloody murder if i try and put any clothes on her. So its her in her diaper streaking through the house.

Ah, and again must get her off the cedar chest.