Friday, November 10, 2006

Charity underhandedness!

You know every year I get loads of charity mail through the door. I am very good about it I try and pick a few and buy something from them. Or I at least try and send some sort of donation or drop a coin into the donation bucket every few weeks.

What happened this morning would have the hair on my back standing on end if I had any hair on my back. I do feel slightly growly as well (though that could be partially lack of coffee;) ), think they might have set off the inner wildcat.

Nice fat little packet arrives in the mail from certain charity (I'll be nice and not name them since they do good work even if they have pissed me off!)

I open it up, there is a set of 8 Christmas cards and a holiday calender in the envelope. I thought to myself and told the husband that was a bit odd. Considering this charity specifically sales cards and the calender every year why would they be sending free ones. As it is, my mother-in-law buys cards from them every year so I do know more about them.

I fish around in the cards and up pops an order form, it says "To buy the cards enclosed please send £5.95 to such and such address." It also lists other things you can buy.

WTF?????????????????? You send me cards in the mail and want me to pay for them even though I never ordered them? Well that is way beyond underhanded in my book. Then I read that it says you are under no obligation to buy the cards or return the cards. Yeah fucking right no obligation!

Bloody Hell, if was one card, or a pen or even those address labels you sometimes get then I wouldn't feel the need to have to pay for them. Any sensitive person would probably feel like they were obligated to pay for them. (Yes I know I am a loud mouth, opinionated, brash and basically naughty person, but I still am very sensitive and caring.) Its not like there wasn't a great effort made to make the cards. The paintings on the cards are usually done by people with no arms. They paint with their feet.

The hubby has said no we are not paying for them. That it was an underhanded way to try and get people to support them. Like I said if it was one card you think cool, thats nifty, might order some of those. A full pack of 8 cards and you feel like the Wicked Witch of the East not buying them. Yet I really don't want to have to pay for postage to send the cards back, but feel guilty for the thought of keeping them for free and using them.

AAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, maybe I can package them up in a plastic card sleeve and take them to be sold at the charity shop. Or sale them at the mother-in-laws shop and put the money in a charity bucket.

I feel we are right though, it was the wrong way for them to go about this. Even though they will probably get plenty of orders for having done it that way. So I will suck in the guilt. I will not send the cards back or pay for them. I think I'll stick to the idea of taking them to the mother-in-laws shop and having the money go on to charity.

To jump fully into the british way of saying things, bastards complete bastards for making me start my morning off like this.


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