Friday, June 08, 2007

Toning tables!

For Christmas last year my mother-in-law bought me some toning table gift certificates. Since they were about to expire I decided I'd better and try and use them.

In today I went for my first session. Mind you this was with me not knowing what a toning table was. Well turns out they are exactly that...tables you lay on and they do stuff to tone you. Absolutely lovely and very relaxing. Well most of the time. Has anyone ever known me not to find something to give a hiccup.

I'm laying on this table my feet up in these stirrups thinking my god its a little like the stirrups at the gyno. It moves your legs about a bit to work the inner thighs. Half way through they come over the change the stirrup position to where your feet are pointing slightly inwards. This is the convo that followed....

'Ok, is that comfortable', she says.

I say 'yes'.

'Now you need to flop your knees out to the side as wide as you can', says she.

'Ok' I say and relax the knees out to the side with my feet in these stirrups still.

She looks a little shocked and says 'Oh my that's wide...usually you can't do that until the 03rd or 4th session'.

Lots of little twitters and giggles can be heard from all the rest of the older on the other tables. Which btw I swear there wasn't one under the age of 55 besides me. And the one man in the group sounded like he nearly choked trying to control the laughter.

And me I sort of stutter a response of 'Its the yoga' and lie like a dog! Well that and you damn sure know that I kinda giggled to myself and blushed a bright burgundy over the whole thing.


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