Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Fucking Christmas British Television!!

Ok I have a new soapbox to get on. I have lived in England for nigh on 3 years..minus a few months. I've spent a total of 4 Christmas's here between visiting and living here. And the same thing happens every year. For some reason to show christmas cheer the bloody tv show writers here start killing people off!!!

I mean one every now and again but every damn year on nearly every channel! Starting a few weeks before and lasting at least till the New Year people start hitting the ground at a rate unlike any I have ever seen.

Take tonight for instance, came home from dinner with the inlaws in a festive mood. I start the brownies baking for a wicked trifle I'm doing for the dinner tomorrow. We put the kiddies presents under the tree and flip on the tv for a bit relaxation. IT WAS NOT RELAXING!!!!

On Eastenders they have a little baby in the hospital sick and near to dying and this was after her shit parents wanted to have her adopted out because she has DownSyndrome. Complete bastards they are. Tomorrow night I believe that they are supposed to kill off Pauline Fowler somehow.

I always watch Casualty..between last night and tonight they have tried to kill off one paramedic, killed off one nurse and nearly had one little girl die because her mother intentionally shot her full of insulin. Thank you for a Christmas eve spent in tears! Yes I know turn the damn thing off, but for some reason I was like a zombie needing candy and having to know if they died or not. Bless you for at least only killing off one I guess.

Lets see oh yes the list goes on, sometime soon Charlie will be killed off in Coronation Street and the wicked slut of the street Cilla (sp?) is lying about being terminal. Lied straight out to get vengenace. Her poor kids think there mother is dying...all I can say if you freaking bitch!

And Emmerdale wouldnt want to be left out now would they...will they or will they not be killing off Tom King??? After of course they took another jab at making poor Chas the unhappiest person in the village.

What happened to fun, cheer, goodwill and humour? Maybe a nice shag under the office christmas tree? A nice drunken row with no dead bodies? I for one will skip watching anything tomorrow except DR. WHO. Can't miss that now can I, though I'm sure someone will die in that one as well. Oh and maybe will pull out some Christmas Dvd's.

As for the writers I have a rather large artificial tree that I would just love to shove up your ass for your warped sense of Christmas Cheer. Right now I can truthfully say I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!

Now I'm off to give Santa a nice whiskey, some biscuits and the longest kiss ever recorded! I'll find my own cheer to put back into this night!

Merry Christmas to all and to all have a rather kinky night!