Thursday, November 30, 2006

Out of the mouths of the child and her dad!

The last few days have been incredibly intense with some quite funny moments playing out in our house. The following are fast becoming the source of many smiles.

The first happened when we had minx sitting on the toilet early one morning. The hubby (who wasn't wearing anything due to he grabbed the potty seat and I grabbed the kid) had leaned around the door to talk to me and hand me my robe.

Our sweet little 2 year old girl pointed at his bits and said "Daddy tail, daddy tail, daddy tail." I didn't get what she said to begin with until he told me what she was pointing at. Needless to say the hubby now says he wants to put some clothes on before he comes and helps with her. ;)

Another funny bit came last night after the hubby and I put the minx in bed. We were sitting on the couch talking about the said minx and how the potty training was going. The hubby all the sudden said "I'm a bit jealous, I wish I could pee in the living room when I wanted to."

Then today minx asked for some cheddars (little cheesy crackers) I said we didn't have any. She looked at me all put out and said "Oh for gods sake!" You'd think the world was endingd from not having any cheddars. ;)


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