Friday, April 14, 2006


Well due to popular demand here is my first blog post. Though not alot going on lately, least thats the story i'm sticking to. ;)

Lets see Mia is wild as she can be today. Kissing and hugging the TV, using it as a mirror when its off. She likes to poke her belly and say bootiful.

Roger had to make and early trip to the store cos she won't get off her apple kick. And just how did we run out of apples when Roger's dad runs apple orchard? Cos like any good parent we kept forgetting;)

Still waiting for the back two teeth to come in and then we are done with teeth until she starts loosing them. Not looking forward to that. Thats if she doesnt loose them first by climbing on something and falling off.

Anyways nothing else going on today sides watching rest of Bullet Proof Monk, hot bubble bath and snuggle time. What more could a girl ask for.