Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Piggin Obsessed!

Ok I might have a slight addiction. I like Piggins, ok I really really like Piggins. Roger gave me my first one a long time ago while we were dating. And I was hooked. (Piggins are carved pigs by David Corbridge.) If you want to check out some look on for Piggins.

So low in behold whats the 2nd thing I bid on at Ebay (after a pair of Black wellies with polkadots all over them) you got it...Piggins.

Did I go over board...ummmm...well yeah I did. Boy did I go over board.

First I bought 9, then what did I do stop, no I had to bid on a set of 30. And yes, I did say 30, some I want some I don't so I'll figure out what to do with the rest.

Now thats not the worst part, worst part is when 39 piggins start arriving in the mail. I bet are postman is pissed with us with the amount of things we order online. Maybe thats why he lied and gave us that note saying we weren't home to get our package;)

Ok roger has just reminded me I have my numbers wrong, it was 41 not 39. I forgot about the set of two that I bought. ;)

All right, need to set up sellers account in ebay and get ahold of my addiction. Who knows what else might show up from Ebay, I was having a good look at boots in my size. Roger cringed when he saw me looking at shoes on there. I think I might have worried him a bit! Mind you his reaction wasnt the best when he found out I bought the wellies as my first item;)


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