Saturday, June 24, 2006

When did we all get old;)

Well now, the last few days leading up to my birthday, I have had a lot of people saying they never realized how old I was. I must say at 35 I'm taking that as a big compliment. I'm also taking the many comments of "You don't look 35" as meaning I look younger;)

Though all might seem different today after staying up half the night with the hubby bringing in the birthday in style. Both of us are more knackered now than when we were younger, but I damn sure know we have more fun now. ;) The hubby will be blushing reading this (when he gets up from his nap and he's 5 years younger than me! Just teasing baby.) As it's my birthday I'm writing whatever I think today. And last night is still on the mind quite a bit, all I can say is thanks baby for a most enjoyable beginning to my birthday. ! ;)

But wow, where did the time go? I look back at my little mental list at where I wanted to be in life and all I can say to everyone is, Throw the damn list out the window! Those lists we all seem to have to make when we are younger are a bit warped to say the least and at best you might get half or maybe more done. If your setting there telling yourself oh I've done most everything on my list... well I have one thing to say to that. How fucking short was your list???!!

My list for forty has been culled down. I think these are the important things to go on it. Eventually find my brain (it left along about the time it took 31 hours to have the minx), umm...job, yeah a job would be nice. Finish school again, I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. ;) Did I mention job? Maybe do some traveling to Italy or Hawaii. Make out with hubby every possible moment, yeah thats a good one. Past that the list isn't half finished, other than there is the normal mom stuff, help the minx grow up happy healthy and ready to kick ass in the world when we let her loose. Yeah there we go I'll add to the long term list, have minx take over the world;)

Hey I don't see it as such a far out thing to have happen. In 21 months she's managed to take over nearly all the space in our house, if she keeps branching out like that till shes 21 years old, well the results could be quite close to taking over the world! ;)

I have come to the conclusion though, I am the older lady next door that we all used to bitch about in University. The one who would come over when we cranked the music up and tell us to keep it down. Now when the neighbor attached to us makes loud noise and yells and screams and cusses at her children...well nicest thing I can say is I would love to throttle her! The fact she wakes my baby up is enough to piss me off and have me want to rip her head off.

Yes, I still have a boiling temper, thing is I now control it and keep it from being shown around minx. Normally I would storm next door and rip her head off, now I send Roger over to tell her off for me. And I got smart this year and asked for a freestanding boxing tube. Great exercise and great rage outlet. I get pissed off now and I go and beat the hell out of the bag in a nice kickboxing session. Hey it works. :)

Maybe I will like 35 after all, I mean I've grown a lot in the last 15 years. Heaven help me I don't want to be 20 again, did that...survived and now I think I'll keep it as an amusing memory to get me through my rocking chair years. ;)

I have tips to help all though: Don't listen to other old people, you'll just get depressed. Don't act your age if you don't want to, screw em wear your mini skirt if it makes you feel better, die your hair green and run around and say wicked. Flash your gf/bf/hubby whenever you can, they'll love it and as long as you don't get arrested there won't be a record of it. Don't pay any attention to the younger crowd and their ability to tell us we are ancient and live in the dark ages; they'll be here soon enough and we'll be laughing our asses off at them. ;)

I have no intention of growing old gracefully, because I don't have any intention of growing old;) I'm going to be my same outrageous, ballsy, mouthy, flirty and yes even shy and coy person until I drop at a hundred or so. I figure that would be just about long enough to drive everyone else mad. ;)

So the question is, when did we all get old? NEVER! We're just slightly more mature versions of the neurotic people that we were! ;)


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