Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spider Dance;)

I have at last invented a new strip dance. The spider dance. One that will freak even the calmest of neighbors!

I was in the kitchen this morning, getting the minx her breakfast, when I felt something move on my breast. Opening my robe just a bit I see a rather large spider (size of a 50p coin, and yes I know some don't consider that large) sitting on the side of my left breast.

What happened next was born of pure panic. I am well known for my intolerance to creepy crawly creatures on me.

First I let out a bit of a muffled screech. I then started yanking the robe off while dancing all over the kitchen. I was waving my arms around frantically trying to get the damn thing off me. It made it to my hair. I then nearly had a heart attack. I increased my efforts to swat it out of my hair while still hopping like mad around the kitchen.

When I was totally convinced it was gone I then turned to find my robe only to realize that the blinds on the kitchen windows were up.

Standing naked in the kitchen still trying to catch my breath I had to giggle. Just imagine if you were the neighbor out taking your bin in when you get an eyeful of some naked crazed woman hopping all over her kitchen waving her arms about!

Maybe I can just swear I was listening to Footloose and got carried away. Good Morning to you as well. ;)


Blogger Michelle said...

Oh my god, I would have died! Very funny to read though..

11:03 AM  

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