Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My boxing bag.

This is one of my new hobbies. The hubby got me a freestanding boxing tube for my birthday in June. It's now seen quite a lot of use. I do boxing and kickboxing with it.

Everyone keeps asking me what it is. So here ya go here is me with my new toy.

Another few months and I wouldn't suggest making me to angry;)

Customer satisfaction not required!

I recently sent an email to a company asking them why my last two payments were not showing on my account.

This is the responce I got back:

"Dear Mrs ,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Unfortunately we can only accept MasterCards, Visa cards, Maestro cards, Cheques and Postal Orders as methods of payment to your account.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Customer Services"

Ok well I can accept that, only for peats sake the payments were made on a Visa card.

So I replied with this:

"So how does this affect me since my payment was made with a visa card?"

Talk about someone trying to fob off their work and hope you just dont reply back to them and they won't actually have to look at your account and figure out the real problem.

They are damn lucky they didn't say that to someone in a really bad mood. It could result in them being dangled over the side of a bridge at the very least.

I am still awaiting their responce, if its a blow off I'm going to send them a review of their work. Being pre-inclined to think they suck I bet its not going to be a good review.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spider Dance;)

I have at last invented a new strip dance. The spider dance. One that will freak even the calmest of neighbors!

I was in the kitchen this morning, getting the minx her breakfast, when I felt something move on my breast. Opening my robe just a bit I see a rather large spider (size of a 50p coin, and yes I know some don't consider that large) sitting on the side of my left breast.

What happened next was born of pure panic. I am well known for my intolerance to creepy crawly creatures on me.

First I let out a bit of a muffled screech. I then started yanking the robe off while dancing all over the kitchen. I was waving my arms around frantically trying to get the damn thing off me. It made it to my hair. I then nearly had a heart attack. I increased my efforts to swat it out of my hair while still hopping like mad around the kitchen.

When I was totally convinced it was gone I then turned to find my robe only to realize that the blinds on the kitchen windows were up.

Standing naked in the kitchen still trying to catch my breath I had to giggle. Just imagine if you were the neighbor out taking your bin in when you get an eyeful of some naked crazed woman hopping all over her kitchen waving her arms about!

Maybe I can just swear I was listening to Footloose and got carried away. Good Morning to you as well. ;)

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Now if only we could do what they are doing on a treadmill to lose weight. It damn sure wouldn't be as boring;) Only problem is we found we couldn't listen to the song without going back to watch them on the treadmills!

The band is OK GO from Chicago.