Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dont do it, save yourselves! ;)

Fair warning, do not give toddlers Tixie-lix (cough cold medicine in UK) in the middle of the day. Only give it to them before they go to bed. Find something else, anything else to give them, warm water with lemon, anything but Tixie-lix. I beg you do not go down that road!

My reasoning for this is something happens, your active but nice little child gets whisked away and in their place is left this pint size mean, hyperactive, eyes glowing red demon child. My god I didn't think I was going to make it through the rest of the afternoon/evening! The stuff has finally worn off and order has been restored and she is safely in her bed cuddling her toys.

Tomorrow morning she will need a full bath (didn't have any energy left tonight) for the dowsing in lotion she gave herself to the point that she looks like she hasn't had her hair washed for a year. The house looks like it has been hit by a full F5 tornado and the havoc of farm animals that were slaughtered today was amazing. Plus, I'm pretty sure beating the zoo animals into submission with a very large blue hippo flashlight will result in my receiving a letter from the local animal protection agency.

And how many times do I have to tell her father to make sure and hide his chocolate she will eat all of it and she has a knack for hiding it to where you can't see it even when she's in the same room. You find out after she walks up to you holds out her hands and says 'mimi, sticky need wipe please' you look up to find a chocolate covered face grinning at you! And where the hell did she get ahold of the pen from?

Anyway happy Wednesday and may your little demons sleep peacefully! ;)