Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cat Burgled!

Wow, I hadn't expected a last gift for Rogers' 30th birthday. Neither did he, but he got a very unexpected surprise.

Yesterday I made him a orange chocolate chip cake with chocolate glaze on top (my attempt at making a version of a large jaffa cake). We left it on the table, under a net dome cover, when we went to bed last night. Mind you looking back I should have put it in a cake box, but that didn't happen.

When I came downstairs this morning (I had a sleep in) I was confronted with Roger standing at the cake. He pointed to it and asked me "Did you do this to the cake?"

Looking down at the cake and seeing the big rather scooped out section, briefly in my no coffee still sleepy stage, felt a bit put out. I don't think I'm the sorta person that ascends on the cake in the middle of the night and just scoops out part of the top of the cake. Nor when he said, "Well I wondered if you just wanted some of the chocolate off the top of the cake. I really didn't think it was you, but wanted to make sure."

First thing I asked after denying all said charges was "Did Mia get into the cake?" Yes, the first thought that crosses my mind is our darling little mountain goat has gotten past Daddy, climbed up on the table, and helped herself to some cake. Knowing how much she liked said cake yesterday it seemed reasonable. Alas, it was not to be, said mountain goat hadn't done the deed.

So who did? They had moved the net covering to get to the cake so they had to be at least a little bigger than a bunch of hungry bugs coming through the window.

We moved on to thinking about the dinning room window being open to get air in last night. Had we been burgled? The computer was still in dinning room, a wallet still on table and the digital camera still sitting there. Nothing missing? So not a person coming in to take things and having a little cake on the way out.

Then on closer inspection of the scooped out bit it looks like has little teeth marks on the chocolate. Do we have a mouse in the house? Nope, no traces of a mouse anywhere.

After a bit, I get a sudden image of these cats all over the neighborhood. In particular sprang to mind the two cats who come sit on the porch in front of the dinning room window.

On inspection of the said window we do find fur attached to it. It is official, we have been cat burgled. And they wanted nothing but a little birthday cake! That would explain the teeth marks and how some of the frosting looked melted. Most likely it was from said offender having a small taste of frosting before eating a nice bit of cake.

I know they say I cook really well but this is ridiculous to have midnight visitors stealing the cake as well. For heavens sake, come to the door and have a little meow and we will see what we can do! ;);)


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