Monday, July 03, 2006

I need A/C and visitors to call before they show!

Yeah I know, to bitches in one. In my defense, they are slightly tied together in a round about sorta fashion.

We'll start with A/C. Do I miss it? Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course I miss it! Now for all y'all out there saying "You live in England it's not that hot", BITE ME!

I'm boiling, near the coast, house gets hot you can't get it cooled down till late at night. Bloody owners before us put concrete and stones everywhere to soak up the heat. We have a conservatory and a utility room that turns into a sauna for most of the day even with the doors and windows open. So you go out there at certain times in the summer at your own risk.

So what do I do, well most everyone in the house does, strip down to next to nothing. Mia runs about in diaper, roger in shorts and me in bikini top and shorts or sarong.

So what do you think happens, people decide to visit. Now normally I wouldn't care that much but I'd at least like to have shirt on when family comes over. Strangers couldn't care a whit what they see, but family would at least like to get a shirt on real quick.

Could I get to my shirt? No, my darling daughter had hid it again. So it was mad dash around the living room trying to see where she stuffed it and checking the window to check how far they had got towards the door. Rip the shirt out from behind a cushion, throw it on as they come through the door and probably looked like I had just got done shagging the hubby in the kitchen.

Hence, visitors should always call before they come over, or take your chances at to what you find! ;)

Anymore though and I'm not going to care. It's to hot to worry what anyone else thinks.


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