Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wow, can I make an Impression!

Sunday the Fish Dinner went well for the most part, the day was going really well.

Minx (my daughter) showed her glowing vibrant self and had most of the 200 people in love with her before the dinner was over. My husband had loads of his family there. Some got drunk came to find me poured their hearts out and cried to me. Which even that I handled, even managed to handle the hubby's 80 year old Nan breaking down and crying to me. (Not sure but I might have been seen as fix it woman of the bunch that day.) Most all us women in the family tried to avoid the drunk uncle who tried to grope all of us.

Then at the end all of the lodge people had mostly left and went on their way home. Leaving only the 25-30 (I lost count of some of them) family members that came to the dinner.

One had a dog who was tied to one of the tents. Minx was playing with the dog(which is how this started she thought the dog was hysterical barking and wanted to play with it). Dog was looking at the mother-in-laws cat who was (and i tell ya that cat was doing this intentionally, not a hair was raised on her little black body) sitting in front of dog playing lady of the manor and I'm not scared of you to the dog.

Said dog went after cat, cat took off, Minx went after fun dog, I went after Minx trying to make sure that the dog getting upset at the cat didnt turn on the baby.

I'm almost back against a row of shrubs and brambles trying to get ahold of Minx when the dog runs in between us. He was on one of those leads that lets out on a long cable. The cat ran down some steps, dog went after it, the cable started running across the front of my legs, my legs started burning and I tried to get cable off my legs. The dog lunged after cat, toppled me over backwards into shrubs and brambles (for those who don't know what brambles are...BIG AS WEEDS WITH THORNS). My husband was trying to get Minx who still wanted the fun dog, I'm in my nice summer skirt if the shrubs. Family is running from everywhere to try and get me out and make sure I'm not broke.

To start with I just thought had little rope burn on my legs, so when asked if I was ok I said "No, I have a thorn in my ass." Didn't quite know I had thorns in my hands and arm and of course the offensive thorn stuck in the bum. Then we all had a look and saw that the dog's cable didn't just burn on the legs a bit, it did rope burn then slightly sliced front of my legs.

Now funny thing is I had a doctors appointment Monday and I had a medical for a insurance company yesterday with my doctor. My doctor who took a close look at the wounds to make sure they were ok just grinned gave a little laugh and said, "Polly you don't do things by halves do you!"

If you see the attached pictures, well to say the least it looks like I was tied up for a bit to long. ;) Least thats what the husbands brother says I should tell everyone, that the husband battered me and tied me up. ;)

The even funnier thing was there was a at least 8 or so of the family that I was just meeting for the first time.

Sunday night bruised, battered, swelling and bandages finally done my husband and I started laughing. What a hell of a way to make an impression on new family you haven't met. I'm sure they won't forget my name or me falling into the brambles.

I shall be remembered, if not for the graceful way I behaved my self during the whole party or for the darling cute daughter, for the way I can get a thorn stuck in my ass. ! ;)

Welcome to my crazy life, I think I might just go ahead and have that tattooed on me bum right above where we got the thorn out. Pain in the ass that I am that could be appropriate. ;)


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