Monday, July 03, 2006

Peanut Warning!

Of all things, hubby buys bag of peanuts, on back is an allergy warning. Now normally they warn of bag may contain nuts, all the sorta random shit that should be rather evident from the name on the front. PEANUTS!

But this one, this one takes the cake. It says:

Allergy advice:
May contain traces of milk and celery.

Celery and Milk? WTF! Now I've heard some strange things, but that one was pushing the bag a bit. I'm trying to think what kind of peanut processing plant might have something going on with celery and milk. Then I think well maybe just maybe it had to do with the farm they were grown on. Just imagine, they had celery growing in field nearby and some milk cows that wandered around lactating on the plants? Nah, thats about a far reach as you can get. Has to be back to the processing plant.

I really want to call them and ask just why there might be celery and milk mixing with the peanuts? Afternoon snack for the workers? Making some strange stuffing mix? New protein drink? (That thought might actually make you gag!)

And then I think, I'm obssessed with why there is celery, milk and peanuts together, time for a new bitch topic me thinks. ;)


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