Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The pen incident.

Now as many of you know (and the ones who don't will learn quick), I have the ability to do things that might have the potential to cause embarrassment. Mind you, I tend to get over the blushing right quick and start laughing much sooner than I used to. Hell, after ahwile you do enough stuff and your either going to laugh it off or hide and I'm not the hiding sort.

Today's incident went along these lines.

Our insurance/mortgage guy came over for a visit. To say the least he's a bit long winded. he's going on about this and that and we are all done with the insurance stuff after maybe 30 minutes? Yeah, about 30 minutes. Does he leave. NO!

He sits there in the chair yammering on about this and that and asking how we all are. Which normally I don't mind but all I really wanted him to do was leave. After 20 minutes of chit chat I tend to get a bit antsy.

What do I do? I start fiddling with the pen I had been writing with. And since I talk with my hands the pen is flitting here and there and I'm twirling it around. Not paying any actual attention to the pen.

The guy finally shuts up and leaves the house.

Hubby turns to me and says "Did you notice what was on the pen you were playing with?" He grinned and giggled.

I said, "No, why?"

He said, "It says on it ;)"

Course I didn't know, but how hysterical is that. If the guy did see what it said ah well. Free advertisement for the company and on my part something to make me and the hubby laugh the rest of the day.


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